Club News

Members should check out the Members Access area of the Web site for meeting minutes and other restricted information.

Club General Meetings are being held at Round Table Pizza in Keizer Station starting February 27th!!

March Board Meeting Minutes posted to site.

Net News

The Valley VHF Club located in Salem is running a net every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
It starts at 10am on 144.220


Monday: CW
Wednesday: Digital RTTY
Friday: SSB

Hope to hear you there!

Transmitter (Bunny) Hunts

SATURDAY MARCH 24th, 1 PM in HILLSBORO / WASHINGTON COUNTY. Meet at the NorthEast corner of the Fred Meyer parking lot on Cornelius Pass Road, right off Highway 26. Take Exit 62 A south and the shopping center is right there - we'll be along the edge closest to the freeway overpass.

As usual, this will be a mobile hunt with several 2m transmitters set out on different frequencies. I’ll be listening on 146.90- (tone 127.3 Hz) for talk-in.


We’ll celebrate National Foxhunting Weekend a bit early with LOTS of transmitters spread around the North end of the Willamette Valley. (If you want to hide one or more, let us know.)

Current plan is that each transmitter must be audible from somewhere along Highway 99E between Canby and Salem. Start wherever you want, find as many as you feel like.

Details still in the planning stage, but likely it will run much of the day (perhaps 9 - 4?) so you can come out when your schedule permits. We might get together afterwards to swap stories - maybe in Woodburn?

The current plan is at least 10 transmitters on 2m (with several sharing a frequency, so we don’t take up the whole band), with an option for other bands if there is interest. (I might set out a practice ELT on 121.775 MHz.)

If you want to set some out, let me know so we can coordinate in advance.

It helps to give us some advance notice if you think you might come out - that gives us a better idea of likely participation, and we can make sure folks get notified if we have to cancel the hunt due to weather, etc.

As always, I expect to have room in my car for some riders who want to ride along - its a great way to learn. I can also bring some spare equipment to loan if you let me know in advance.

Questions? Want to host a hunt in your area? Let me know and we’ll see what we can do.


NOTE: I maintain an email list for people who are interested in transmitter hunting. I don’t share the list with anyone, but I will forward transmitter hunt announcements to the group upon request. If you wish to be removed from the list, please let me know.

DX News


Local Area Repeaters

442.500* Tone 100
224.160 Tone 100
224.600* Tone 100
224.960 Tone 100
(224.600 is tied to 442.500)

145.330 Tone 186.2

NW Division
ARRL Centennial